When noone else seems to understand....

We do!

A place to come to talk and get advice
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Depression is anger turned inward

This is a community for those mother's(and father's) who are experiencing that "baby blues" also known are postpartum depression or just down and depressed.This is a place to come and talk out problems your having,feelings your having,or just to be around NEW PARENTS,and PARENTS WHO HAVE BEEN THERE,and talk.THIS IS NOT A CRISIS HELP LINE but a place to come talk out your feelings,thoughts and fears.

If you are having thoughts of suicide or hurting your baby(babies) please contact your local crisis center or the Hope Line.


Thank you sprtwrid for making the introduction!

The only rules I have are:
1.no bashing,flaming or being disrespectful to the members.

2.All posts are automatically FO now!!!

3.If you have any ideas on what links to put on the info or you have any phone numbers or info on any disorders or crisis centers etc...
please let the MOD know.Thank you.

4.Fill out the introduction so we get to know u better!:-)

Some helpful sites to check out
1.Birth Positive

2.Suicide Hotlines
3.All about depression and more info.
4.Info on Bipolar Disorder
5.Depression Hurts/new site I saw on tv
5.Depression site


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